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EpiStem is an Intelligent Scientific Preclinical Services organisation based
in the UK.

Through it's expert knowledge of epithelial diseases, EpiStem
has developed a range of unique in vitro and in vivo assay methodologies
that can predict efficacy and potential side-effects in the research and
early preclinical strategy development of drug development programmes.

Examples of the levels of service that EpiStem can provide include:

- The efficacy assessment of novel anticancer agents using sophisticated in vitro and in vivo assays
- Screening of new compounds to assess their potential as mucositis modulatory agents and tissue regeneration enhancers
- Analysis of skin damage and repair; quantification of specific DNA lesions
- Surrogate assays to assess patient well-being during chemotherapy
- In vitro and in vivo analysis of cell proliferation, differentiation and cell    migration
- Immunohistochemistry and histology services
- mRNA profiling & determination of therapeutic indices.

EpiStem's service is science-based, interactive and tailored to meet the scientific requirements of each customer.

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