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Pharmactivesis an e-marketplace dedicated to enhancing the way companies connect to their customers. By opening up new distribution channels and markets, we provide a platform where companies from all over the pharmaceutical industry can meet on the Internet.

Pharmactives is run by a team of engineers and pharmacists who have a vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry especially in manufacturing, product development, purchasing and marketing.

Our aim is to facilitate the exchange of business, ideas and opinions among the various companies of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Our Services:

  • Business 2 Business
    Pharmactives enables buyers, sellers and manufacturers to interact via the available services on the website and to reach customers everywhere worldwide.
    Through our services and contacts, we help our members improve trading relationships while reducing costs.
    With Pharmactives you can post/view inquiries to buy with the largest possible audience on line.
  • Consulting
    At Pharmactives, we connect consultants and pharmaceutical companies upon request and through discussion forums.
    By posting your consultancy request, we will help you locate the most appropriate consulting firm.

  • Outsourcing
    Many companies are overburdened coordinating different time-consuming tasks that can be more efficiently handled through outsourcing.
    At Pharmactives, we provide an internet community where buyers and suppliers can locate each other efficiently and cost effectively, online.
  • Contract Development & Manufacturing
    Pharmactives will help you identify appropriate contract manufacturers that will custom manufacture according to your specifications…cost effectively.
    For clients in the development stage, we will help you locate companies that are leaders in research & development services.

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With Pharmactives you will always be up-to-date on major news, information and services.

Through our services & contacts, we help our members reach the right partner.

Simply fill out our registration form to benefit from all our features.

To register now: click here

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Founder CEO, Samih T. Darwazah
Mr. Darwazah has over 40 years of Pharmaceutical industry experience in Eli Lilly, Hikma Pharmaceuticals; the latter is a global pharmaceutical company with operations in Europe, United States, and the Middle East.

Supporting Partner, Fadi Nassar
Mr. Nassar is working in both pharmaceutical and raw materials industries.
He has experience in production and sourcing of raw materials as well as business development projects in both regulated and non regulated markets.

Marketing Consultant, Hadeel Anabtawi

Ms. Anabtawi has over 8 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in the fields of technical projects studies and management, manufacturing and purchasing.
She was involved in implementation and audits related to ISO quality system and FDA guidlines.

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